The Conners Chronicle
Issue #4
December 13, 1999

Dear Family & Friends,

	Well, the holiday season is upon us.  Before I begin my
preparations to party like itís 1999, Iíd like to take this moment to
bring everyone up to date on my exciting life.  So here is issue
number four of the glorious literary periodical I call The Conners
Chronicle.  Enjoy!

New Computer

	I finally bought a new computer to replace my five year-old
Pentium 75 PC.  My new one is a 500 MHz Intel Celeron Compaq
Presario.  It has DVD and CD-RW drives in addition to the 1.44Ē
floppy drive.  It also has a 17 GB hard drive, which is a nice step
up from my 1 GB drive.  It only has 64 MB RAM, but I felt that was an
acceptable price to pay for a (relatively) cheap PC.  With a 17Ē Sony
Trinitron monitor, it only cost about $1400, which is about $600 less
than my last system.
	So far, Iíve been using it mostly to surf the internet and
read e-mail, although I have also bought several DVD movies and
watched them.  I have also used the CD-RW drive a few times so far,
and will be using it quite frequently once R&R gets back into full
swing.  So far, Iím cautiously optimistic that I chose the right
system for my needs, although Iíve had a few minor problems from time
to time.
	So, now that Iíve got this giant hard drive, send me some e
mail!  Iíve got plenty of space for it!


	Congratulate me everybody!  I managed to win one of the two
Big Ten football picking contests I entered this year, the 3Sickem
Contest.  Actually, I tied for first place with one other participant
in a field of 110 people.  According to the contest organizer, I will
receive a ďsufficiently crappy and disturbing momentoĒ in the mail

R&R Update

	Work on R&Rís upcoming album, The Life, Death, and Rebirth of
R&R, has slowed in the past several months, calling the tentative
release date of ďearly 2000Ē into question.  Beyond that, there is
unfortunately not much news at this time.

Trane Engineer

	Well, things at Trane are going okay.  Iíve been primarily
writing, revising, and debugging code since I arrived in July.  The
code is all in Visual Basic, which I assimilated in the weeks
following my arrival.  Having done lots of programming in the past, I
didnít find it too difficult to learn a new programming language in a
short amount of time.
	I also made a short business trip to Macon, Georgia in
September.  Trane has a Business Unit down there that uses most of
the code Iíve been working on so far.  The trip was fairly
uneventful, and mostly served introductory purposes for me.

R&R lyric #4

	Hereís a line from the currently unrecorded song First Man on
Mars.  I canít decide whether it works.  Either way, the song might
never see the light of day.

ďIím bored as a board, and a bored board at thatĒ

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