Piano Camp: 7/21/91 Honors Recital

Performer           Title                                             Composer
Kevin Koehler       Sonata in C Minor, Op. 13 (Movement 1)            Beethoven
Carmine Mann        Des Abends                                        Schumann
Nathanael May       Sonatine (Movement 1)                             Ravel
Jennifer Knight     Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 9 #2                Chopin
Teresa Drews        Capriccio in G Minor, Op. 116 #3                  Brahms
Olivia Bloechl      Sonata in A Major, Hob.5 (Movement 1)             Haydn
Sarah Weiland       Nocturne in B Minor, Op. 9 #1                     Chopin
Clint Fox           Sonata in C# Minor, Op. 27 #2 (Movement 3)        Beethoven
Tom May             Berceuse                                          Chopin
Aaron Horvat        Etude in C Minor, Op. 10 #12                      Chopin
Rosie Cannizzo      La plus que lent                                  Debussy
Ryan Conners        Allegro Appassionato                              Saint-Saens
Mark Carlstein      Variations Theme (from "The Marriage of Figaro")  Mozart
Mark Carlstein      Variations for a 12 bar blues                     Catherine Sydow
Mark Carlstein      Mozart Gets Funky                                 Kevin Koehler
Mark Carlstein      Untitled                                          Rosie Cannizzo
Mark Carlstein      Untitled                                          Aaron Horvat
Mark Carlstein      To a Morning Person                               Sarah Weiland
Mark Carlstein      Finally                                           Teresa Drews
Mark Carlstein      A Farewell to Piano Camp Variation                Eric Nelson
Mark Carlstein      Untitled                                          John Scheusner
Mark Carlstein      Untitled                                          Carmine Mann
Mark Carlstein      To Kill Mozart's Ghost                            Ryan Conners
Mark Carlstein      Can Mozart Dance?                                 Clint Fox

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