1991 Piano Camp: Tape VA

Performer           Title                                             Composer
Brendan Deal        Sonata in c, Op. 13 (Movement 1)                  Beethoven
Sarah Grant         Aufschwung                                        Schumann
Amy Marsh           The Girl with the Flaxen Hair                     Debussy
Sarah Weiland       Nocturne in b, Op. 9 #1                           Chopin
Katrina Klemen      Sonata in c, Op. 10 #1 (Movement 1)               Beethoven
Angela Masrud       Prelude in c#, Op. 3 #2                           Rachmaninov
Alexandra Mayr      Sonatina in D, Op. 36 #6 (Movement 1)             Clementi
Brian Arreola       Waltz in A-flat, Op. 42                           Chopin

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