Piano Camp: 8/2/92 Honors Recital

Performer           Title                                             Composer
Kevin Koehler       Prelude in c#, Op. 3 #2                           Rachmaninov
Brian Arreola       Toccata                                           Ravel
Daniel Kuehner      Prelude in g, Op. 28 #22                          Chopin
Catherine Sydow     Danseuses de Delphes (Preludes I)                 Debussy
Carmine Mann        Sonata #3                                         Prokofiev
Clint Fox           Etude in c, Op. 10 #12                            Chopin
Nathanael May       Soiree dans Grenade (Estampes)                    Debussy
Sara Boehmke        The Aerialists (The Circus)                       Turina
Steve Weix          The Lark                                          Glinka/Balakirev
Chris Ruck          Jugglers (The Circus)                             Turina
Jessica Chow        Variations on "Ah vous dirai-je, Maman"           Mozart
Tom May             Suite de Danzas Criollas (Nos. 2, 4, 5)           Ginastera
Emily Rutkoske      Ballade in g, Op. 118 #3                          Brahms
Ryan Conners        Sonata #3                                         Prokofiev
Mark Carlstein      Song Without Words No. 1                          Brian Arreola
Mark Carlstein      Memories of 5                                     Nathanael May
Mark Carlstein      Jazzy (a.k.a. The Esker Hall Blues)               Libby Wiebel
Mark Carlstein      Fanfare and Canon for Piano Camp                  Guy Kelpin
Mark Carlstein      Sorrow, Love, Rejoicing (A day at Piano Camp)     Chris Ruck
Mark Carlstein      In a Week's Time                                  Clint Fox
Mark Carlstein      Digesting the Hippo                               Erika Svanoe
Mark Carlstein      Au Revoir                                         Catherine Sydow
Mark Carlstein      Pian O'Camp                                       Rosie Cannizzo
Mark Carlstein      March                                             Ryan Conners

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