1992 Piano Camp: Tape XIA

Performer           Title                                             Composer
Kevin Koehler       Prelude in c#, Op. 3 #2                           Rachmaninov
Brian Arreola       Toccata                                           Ravel
Daniel Kuehner      Prelude in g, Op. 28 #22                          Chopin
Catherine Sydow     Danseuses de Delphes (Preludes I)                 Debussy
Carmine Mann        Sonata #3                                         Prokofiev
Clint Fox           Etude in c, Op. 10 #12                            Chopin
Nathanael May       Soiree dans Grenade (Estampes)                    Debussy
Sara Boehmke        The Aerialists (The Circus)                       Turina
Steve Weix          The Lark                                          Glinka/Balakirev
Chris Ruck          Jugglers (The Circus)                             Turina

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