R&R is the band I play in, depending on how you define the term "band." We made our first recording, "Triangle Song," in 1992, and have recorded close to 100 songs since then. We have never performed live or marketed our recordings. The members of the band are my friend Rich Dubielzig and myself. Rich sings and plays jaw harp. I sing and play keyboards.

Our first album, "R&R," was completed in Spring 1992 and received a favorable review in our former high school's newspaper. Highlights were Rich's "3.49 Blues," a song about his high school grade point average, and the stirring march "Math Team Fight Song."

Our next album was recorded two years later. Titled "The Madison Album," it contained seven songs about our hometown. Highlights included "Madison Man" and "Madison March III."

Another two years passed before our third album, "The Unfinished Album," was unleashed on mankind. Among the highlights on this uneven venture were "I Wanna Be a Drama Major" and "Alternative."

Our most recent album, "Three Weeks of R&R," was recorded in Fall 1997. Our best album to date, and first to be recorded digitally and preserved on CD, featured the catchy techno song "Kill Your Parents," the country ballad "I've Got a Headache the Size of You," and the touching "All the Crap Bands."

R&R Lyrics

R&R: Our first album (1992)
The Madison Album: Our sophomore effort (1994)
The Unfinished Album: Our third album (1996)
Three Weeks of R&R: Our first CD, and probably our best lyric-writing to date (1997)